Contractor & Engineering Services

The Engineering Services Office is responsible for the following services provided by the Public Works Department: 

  • Design, inspection, and review of right-of-way construction projects
  • Preventive street maintenance
  • Site plan review
  • Storm water management
  • Street light design
  • Subdivision review
  • Traffic Accessibility Study review
  • Traffic control projects
  • Traffic engineering
  1. Engineering Services Office

    Physical Address
    2224 Montana Avenue
    Billings, MT 59101

    Phone: 406-657-8231

  1. Codes, Policies & Standards
  2. Permits & Applications
  3. Noise Ordinances
  4. Parade Routes
  5. Bids, RFPs & Qualifications

Checklists, Policies & Standards

Montana Public Works Standard Specifications

The City of Billings has adopted the Sixth Edition of the Montana Public Works Standard Specifications (MPWSS), dated April, 2010. In addition, the City's Standard Modifications dated February 2015 have been adopted for all work performed within the City of Billings right-of-way.

The MPWSS can be purchased from the Montana Contractor's Association or are available for purchase at the office of the City Engineer at:

2224 Montana Avenue
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: 406-657-8231
Fax: 406-237-6291

Standard Modifications

The Standard Modifications are available at the Office of the City Engineer. The February 2015 version of the City of Billings Standard Modifications supersedes all previous versions, and they will be utilized for all City of Billings projects and public right-of-way permit work until a successive version is published. You may also download the forms:



Best Management Practices (BMPs)

The EPA defines a BMP as a "technique, measure or structural control that is used for a given set of conditions to manage the quantity and improve the quality of stormwater runoff in the most cost-effective manner.” BMPs are used to control stormwater runoff, sediment control, and soil stabilization, as well as management decisions to prevent or reduce nonpoint source pollution.  BMPs are required construction practices for commercial, industrial and residential construction, no matter how big or small the project. Below are commercial and residential handbooks to help determine the types of BMPs necessary for your project.
These handbooks are also available at the Building Department located on the 4th floor of the Library at 510 West Broadway or at the Public Works Department located at the Depot on 2224 Montana Avenue.

Residential Construction Stormwater Handbook
Commercial Construction Stormwater Handbook