About Public Works

Each member of our community is touched daily by services the City of Billings Public Works Department provides. The Public Works Department carefully allocates available resources to provide services that protect the health and safety of Billings’s residents. 

The Department is able to positively influence the quality of life enjoyed by our citizens by providing:

  • Engineering services
  • Sanitation services
  • Storm water management
  • Traffic control
  • Transportation surface maintenance and repair
  • Utilities operations
  • Many other activities


The Public Works Department is in place to provide services critical to the community of Billings and surrounding areas while providing transparency, and being mindful stewards of all resources in our care.


Exceed expectations through innovation, integrity, and service to the community.

  1. Office of Administration

    Physical Address
    2224 Montana Avenue
    Billings, MT 59101

    Phone: 406-657-8230

  1. Administration
  2. Communications
  3. Employment Resources
  4. Finances
  5. Safety
  6. Professional Affiliations

Public Works Administration

The administrative offices oversee all operations of the Department, and provides high level planning of all projects and activities. 

Master Plans & Studies

Boards & Commissions

City Boards and Commissions are appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. They are advisory only in nature.

These boards and commissions encourage private citizens 18 years or older that reside in the City limits of Billings to participate in City government. They also offer an opportunity to learn how the City operates on a first-hand basis.

Join a Board or Commission

Citizen members of these boards and commissions are appointed when there is a vacancy created by a resignation or term limitation.  Review current vacancies.

  1. Public Works Board

Public Works Board

This board was established under Section 2-536-539, which states:

There is hereby created a Public Works Board, Section 2-537 through 539.  The Public Work Board shall be composed of five (5) members who shall possess the qualifications for the office of the Mayor (i.e. a resident and qualified voter of the City of Billings) and shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the City Council.

The Public Works Board shall serve in an advisory capacity to the City with respect to all aspects of public works.  The board may recommend to the City the adoption of such rates, fees and charges as it may deem just and proper, subject to other requirements and provisions imposed by law.


  • 5:30 pm
  • Third Thursday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October, and December)
  • Public Works Administration, 2224 Montana Avenue
  • 5 members, 4-year term

if you are interested in applying for the Public Works Board you can download an application.

 Public Works Board Agendas

Public Works Board Agenda February 18, 2016
Public Works Board Agenda April 28, 2016
Public Works Board Agenda June 16, 2016
Public Works Board Agenda August 2016
Public Works Board Agenda February 2017
Public Works Board Agenda March 2017     

Public Works Board Minutes

Public Works Board Minutes February 18, 2016
Public Works Board Minutes April 28, 2016
Public Works Board Minutes June 16, 2016
Public Works Board Minutes October 2016
Public Works Board Minutes August 2016
Public Works Board Minutes February 2017
Public Works Board Minutes March 2017


Travis Jones

First term expires 12/31/21
4204 Pine Cove Road
Billings MT  59106

Tom Llewellyn

Second term expires 12/31/21*
3113 Stanford Drive
Billings MT  59102

David Wanzenried

Second terms expires 12/31/23*
3101 Peregrine Lane
Billings MT  59106

Rod Wilson

Second term expires 12/31/23*
422 Shamrock Lane
Billings MT  59105 

Bill Enright

First terms expires 12/31/20
1617 41st Street West
Billings MT  59106