Construction Projects

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The Public Works Department houses a robust Engineering Services Division. The staff of 20 (+) professionals provides comprehensive oversite to review, permit and inspect 3,000 construction sites and master plans each year. Additionally, this team manages $65 million of capital projects including roads, traffic controls, sidewalks, storm, solid waste, water, and wastewater projects. 

Construction Season Project Updates

2023 Sewer Main Replacement Project Update September 25, 2023
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2022 Water Main Replacement Project Final Update
August 11, 2023
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2023 Water Main Replacement Project Final Update
September 5, 2023
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Find details about current and planned projects in the tabs below.

Helpful Information

  1. Engineering Services Office

    Physical Address
    2224 Montana Avenue
    Billings, MT 59101

2023 projects

2023 Planned Projects

Transportation Projects

Annual paver program projects include the following locations

  • Hilltop Road from Bazaar Exchange to Bench Blvd
  • Central Avenue from the BBWA Canal to 32nd St West
Seal Coating
  • Rehberg Lane from Rimrock to Grand Avenue
  • King Avenue East from Parkway Lane to Orchard Lane

Various locations including: Southside, 8th Street West, 29th Street West & Rimrock Road

Annual sidewalk program projects include the following locations

  • Southside of Alkali Creek from Moon Valley Road to Sandstone Trail
  • Westside of Virginia Lane from Woodland Drive to Rimrock Road
  • Eastside of 12th Street W from Lewis Avenue to Grand Avenue
  • Eastside of 21st Street W from Avenue B to Avenue D
  • Northside of Avenue C from 22nd to 24th Street W
  • Eastside of Parkview Drive from Broadwater Avenue to Lillis Lane

Street Construction and Reconstruction 

Street Construction

  •  Inner Belt Loop from Skyway Drive to Zimmerman Trail
  • Skyline Trail from Zimmerman Trail to N. 27th Street

Reconstruction projects include the following locations

  • Mullowney Lane from Midland Road to Elysian Road
  • Brewington Drive from Kyhl Lane to Wicks Lane (Includes: Erb Circle, Lynch Circle & Dayton Circle)
  • Charles Street from Industrial Ave to Monad Road
  • Morgan Avenue & Ryan Avenue from Hallowell Lane to Jackson Street
  • Stephens Lane from Phillip Street to Mitchell Avenue

Traffic Control Projects

  • Grand Avenue and 3rd Street West (Additional details)
  • Crosswalk upgrade at Jackson Street and Francis Avenue
  • Signal Installation at Grand Avenue and 32nd St West
  • Signal improvements along 24th St West at the Grand, Lewis, Mall, and Monad Intersections. As well as Grand Avenue and Rehberg Lane

Facility Projects

  • W.O. 22-37 Landfill Drop-Off Building Repairs to the damages caused by the fire inside the Drop-Off Building are progressing, with Final Completion targeted for June.  Operations will continue and not be impacted by any of this work.
  • W.O. 20-46 Landfill Compost Facility construction is planned to start the last week of April on the new Compost Facility, located south of the existing Landfill on the south side of the intersection of Hillcrest Road and Stratton Road.  Construction should be complete and the facility operational in the fall of 2023.

Water, Wastewater, and Storm Projects

For annual water, wastewater (sanitary sewer), and storm water (storm drain) project information, please see construction project map above. Status updates are also posted regularly above during construction season.