Construction Projects


The Public Works Department houses a robust Engineering Services Division. The staff of 20 (+) professionals provides comprehensive oversite to review, permit and inspect 3,000 construction sites and master plans each year. Additionally, this team manages $65 million of capital projects including roads, traffic controls, sidewalks, storm, solid waste, water, and wastewater projects. 

Find details about current and planned projects in the tabs below.

Helpful Information

  1. Engineering Services Office

    Physical Address
    2224 Montana Avenue
    Billings, MT 59101

    Phone: 406-657-8231

  3. Traffic Improvements 29th/30th

2021 Planned Projects

Project Highlight 

Wicks Lane will be widened from Bench Boulevard to Hawthorne Lane including an on-street bike lane on each side.  Other improvements include new curb and gutter, sidewalk on both sides, driveway approaches, ADA ramps, and storm drain improvements.  Work will generally start around June 7 and be complete by September 1, 2021.  The street will be under a full road closure, with residential access being maintained and the Kiwanis Trail will remain open.

Transportation Projects

Annual paver program projects include the following locations

  • 4th avenue North from Division to 27th Street
  • Ironwood Subdivision
  • King Avenue West from 31st Street West to Shiloh Road
  • Lampman Subdivision
  • Moon Valley Road
  • Rimrock Road from 27th Street to Virginia
  • South Billings Boulevard from King Avenue East to Underpass

Annual sidewalk program projects include the following locations

  • 11th Avenue North from N. 22nd to N. 27th
  • 24th Street West from Grand to Broadwater
  • Aronson Avenue from Nutter to Governors

Street Construction and Reconstruction New street construction of Songbird Drive, a local commercial street will allow additional connectivity from Josephine Crossing Subdivision and Riverfront Pointe Subdivision to Midland Road.

 Reconstruction projects include the following locations

  • 32nd Street West from King Avenue to Gabel Road. This important connector road will be widened to increased traffic capacity and provide safety improvements
  • Hallowell Lane from State Avenue to King Avenue East, to add parking, sidewalk, storm improvement, and water main replacement.  This project is slated to begin in May and be complete in September 
  • Harrow Drive including water main replacement north of Rimrock Road for about 1000 feet
  • Park Lane, Highwood Drive from Rimrock Road to Poly Drive, Highland Park Place, Circle Drive, and Highwood Circle, for widening, replacement of deteriorating roadways, and water main replacement

Traffic Control Projects include a new traffic signal is planned for the intersection of Virginia Land and Rimrock Road, completed by the end of summer 2021.

Water and Wastewater Projects

Annual water system projects include work at the following locations

  • 12th Avenue from 27th Street east to North 22nd Street
  • North 15th and 16th Street north of 6th Avenue
  • Avenue B from 1st Street to 3rd Street West
  • Burlington at 7th Street West
  • Clark Avenue from Division to 7th Street West
  • College Streets from Wisconsin to 13th Street West
  • Lewis Street from Division to 8th Street West
  • Normal Avenue and Rimrock Road (west of MSU-Billings Campus)
  • Pioneer Park area along the following streets
    • 1st Street West from Avenue C to Grand Avenue
    • 2nd Street West from Grand Ave to Burlington Ave
    • Burlington Ave. from 2nd Street West to Division Street
    • Avenues B through E, from 3rd Street West to North 32nd Street

2021 Water Replacement Project Information 

Annual sanitary sewer (wastewater) system projects include work at the following locations

  • Parallel to the Yellowstone River on the eastern side of the Metra Park facility
  • West side of Alkali Creek from the Wastewater Reclamation Facility