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Photo of Billings Water Plant from the Four Dances Overlook - July 2022

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System Overview

Certified operators and laboratory personnel oversee the entire Water System and processes 24 hours per day, every day of the year. This steadfast commitment ensures that our systems always exceed the requirements of regulatory bodies for both operations and product. 

Water / Wastewater Master Plan

The City of Billings water treatment and distribution system includes

  • Water Treatment Plant
  • 13 pump stations
  • 18 storage reservoirs
  • 500 miles of water main
  • 32,000 water meters
  • 4700 fire hydrants
  1. Utilities Service Center

    Physical Address
    2251 Belknap Avenue
    Billings, MT 59101

    Hours of Operation
    Monday through Friday
    8 am to 5 pm

    After Hours Emergencies: 

  1. Regulations & Reporting
  2. Service Charges
  3. Treatment Plant


The Public Works Department staffs a State Certified Laboratory responsible for testing and monitoring the water quality. Testing is performed throughout the entire treatment processes, as well as testing while in the distribution system. We perform many hundreds of tests and analysis monthly to ensure that we deliver a superior quality product for your drinking water.


Each month, we submit a detailed report to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality documenting our compliance with all applicable regulations. We publish a monthly water quality report for the Yellowstone River, which is our water source, and for our finished drinking water product.

Access the current water quality data:

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