Commercial Service

Commercial containers


Customers receive customized services to fit their individual service needs. Services range from on-site compactors to daily or weekly pickups. Businesses may rent commercial dumpsters from the Solid Waste Division.

To request service or make changes to your account please call our Service Center at 406-657-8315 Option #3.

Commercial Containers

The City of Billings does not sell dumpsters. All new services will have a leased container. This also applies to service changes.

Rates & Fees

The Resolution Establishing Solid Waste Residential and Commercial Collection and Disposal Fees and Landfill Use Fees was adopted by the Billings City Council on June 26, 2023. These fees become effective July 1, 2023 and are available to view in their entirety in Resolution 23-11133

Commercial Monthly Fee Based on Frequency of Collections Per Week

Container Size1 Collection2 Collections3 Collections4 Collections5 Collections6 CollectionsSaturday Collection
1 Yard$39.00$78.00$117.00$156.00$195.00$243.78$78.00
2 Yards$45.23$90.46$135.69$180.92$226.15$282.66$90.46
3 Yards$51.43$102.86$154.29$205.72$257.15$321.42$102.86
4 Yards$58.00$116.00$174.00$232.00$290.00$362.52$116.00
6 Yards$70.46$140.92$211.38$281.84$352.30$440.40$140.92
8 Yards$83.11$166.22$249.33$332.44$415.55$519.42$166.22
Each 30 Gal Can$8.45$16.90$25.35$33.80$42.25$52.80$16.90
90 Gallon Barrel$21.32

300 Gallon Barrel$47.65

Extra Volume$8.65

Please note: Saturday service without six times per week pick-up will be assessed double the one time per week rate.

Container Fees

Compactor containers will be assessed at 2.5 times the above rate. A commercial 90 gallon barrel is $19.15 per month; a 300 gallon barrel is $42.81 per month.

City-Owned Container Lease Rates

Less than 6 yards$25.65 per month
6 or 8 yards$33.70 per month