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Posted on: August 29, 2023

Starting with Cardboard - Billings' Very First City Wide Recycling Program

Cardboard dos and donts

We've been getting a lot of questions about how to do cardboard recycling correctly coming September 11th! We are loving the enthusiasm from the Billings community & can't wait to share the Dos and Don’ts with you and answer all your questions. 

To clarify, there is NO recycling container. Providing containers would cost, literally, millions of dollars and no one wants to see rates increase for that! Please use a larger cardboard box as the container to hold smaller broken-down cardboards OR set things out in a flattened stack.
Program accepts cardboard, box board packages, egg cartons, drink carriers, TP cores, etc. 
Program does not accept any containers that hold liquid due to the wax coating on the inside. Also no paper products like newspaper or magazines or junk mail. No greasy pizza boxes or takeout containers either. 

You are accurate! There is certainly such thing called "wishful recycling" which adds contamination to our cardboard recycling program. Just remember this simple rule of thumb: "Clean. Dry. Empty. Flattened." We like to call it the CDEF method! (Let us know if you think of a better name for this method...) So, when recycling cardboard, make sure to:

️-Clean (no food residues)
-️Dry (no soda spills)
️-Empty (don't forget to dump out those packing peanuts)
️-Flatten smaller boxes and use a large box as a container OR set things out in a flattened stack

By following these guidelines, we too can be doing our part to keep the recycling process smooth and efficient. Thanks again for your enthusiasm and support!

More on the garbage service changes coming to Billings at

Cardboard dos and donts

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