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  1. Contact Us

    If you require immediate assistance, please call our Administrative Offices at 406-657-8230, or the Utility Service Center at... More…

  2. Garbage Collection Reporting
  3. Petition for Reduction of Arterial Construction Fee Assessments 2022
  4. Service Line Inventory Survey

    The City of Billings is required to report on the materials within the water distribution system, this includes service lines on the... More…

  5. Statement to Hold Harmless
  6. Street Light Reporting
  7. Traffic Sign Reporting
  8. Water Meter Reporting
  1. Education Outreach & Facility Tour Reservation Request
  2. Hydrant Meter Consent Application
  3. Pothole Reporting
  4. Sidewalk and Curb Reporting

    Thank for taking the time to report the issue!

  5. Storm Sewer Reporting
  6. Street-Traffic Maintenance Reporting

    Use this form to report a non-emergent general request for Street-Traffic Maintenance (Example: Road surface in need of sweeping,... More…

  7. Traffic Signal Reporting
  8. Water Quality Concern Reporting

    If you need immediate assistance, please call the Water Quality Laboratory directly at 406-657-8346.