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FOG (Fats, Oils and Grease) Survey

  1. 1. Are kitchen food scraps disposed of in the garbage?*
  2. 2. Are dishes, trays and food serving platters washed by kitchen staff?*
  3. 3. Is a dishwasher used as part of the cleaning process?*
  4. 4. Does the kitchen contain a food grinder? (garbage disposal)*
  5. 5. Does the facility have a grease trap? (Typically located in the kitchen near the 3 compartment sink)*
  6. 6. Does the facility have grease interceptor?*
  7. 7. Are there grease fryers in the kitchen?*
  8. 9. Are kitchen hood screens present?*
  9. 13. Has kitchen staff been trained in proper FOG disposal?*
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