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Service Line Inventory Survey

  1. What is this survey about?

    City of Billings Public Works is working to ensure that all of the materials in the water system are known, inventoried, and up to modern standards. As there's no lead in the water delivered to your home, particles of lead can get into your drinking water as it passes through Lead Service Lines. 

    The City provides service line material inspections for FREE. A representative will be scheduled to visit your home and inspect the service line where it enters your house near the water meter. 

    For the health and safety of you and loved ones, please fill out this survey and request a FREE inspection as needed. Thank you!

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  3. Service Line Material Information

    Service line material can be identified by the following characteristics:

    • Lead Pipe will reveal silver metallic color when scraped and will not attract a magnet
    • Copper Pipe will reveal metallic "new penny" color when scraped and will not attract a magnet
    • Galvanized Pipe will reveal silver or grey metallic color when scraped and will attract a magnet
    • Plastic Pipe comes in many colors and will not appear metallic when scraped or attract a magnet

    I have surveyed my service line materials and have identified the material as:

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